Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tips on Buying a Cheap Laptop

With technology changing quickly today, it almost seems that as soon as a new product is purchased, it is considered obsolete. Finding the best deals on laptop computers isn't very difficult if you know what you want, and where to look for it.

First, determine the main characteristics that you want or need in a laptop computer. Is the brand name important to you? How much memory do you need? What will you be using the laptop for? If using it for work and school, you may not need as many options, as a computer gamer does.

Do you want wireless connectivity options? How about both readable and writeable cd/dvd drives for music and movie watching and downloading? Monitor size and style is important to consider.

Be willing to do a little bit of research through different sites as far as brand names, prices, and options before deciding on exactly what you want. Don't be so set on some options that you are willing to let an excellent deal go just because you may need to purchase some upgraded software or memory later on, either.

Places to look for cheap laptop buying tips and advice or cheap laptops for sale with the best and latest technology are at online gaming community boards. Online gamers tend to always want the latest and greatest technology available, so they often buy new laptop computers every year, if not sooner. You may be able to snap up great computer bargains this way.

Aside from looking for a good "laptop", or "laptop computers", you may want to do a search for "refurbished laptop computer", or "refurbished laptops" as well. Unless you are set on a new computer, doing a search for "used laptop" will also be helpful.

Refurbished computers are often computers taken in as trade-in models by computer technology businesses or repair people with little or no problems at all, cleaned-up, or refurbished, and then offered for sale at deep discounts. Many times refurbished computers also come with warranties, and bonus accessories sold together in a package deal. It's best to make sure you are buying from a reliable seller, either way.

Usually reliable computer technicians who sell refurbished laptops, whether online or in your local area, will be more than happy to assuage any fears or doubts you have by offering you a warranty of some kind, as well as a trial period.

Another good source for cheap laptop computers is through computer manufacturers themselves. Check manufacturer websites for used or refurbished laptop computers. Don't forget to check your local Sunday newspaper; University area used equipment shops, and garage sales.

Where ever you purchase your new laptop computer from, remember that it should be a fun learning experience, and don't be afraid to ask the seller questions prior to bidding or buying a laptop from any source.

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